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Save Alfred's Kids by alfred183 Save Alfred's Kids by alfred183
My name is Alfred, I am a comic book artist and father. Last week, I lost my kids.

Sunday morning, on the second day of Tucson Comicon, I got an email from my ex-wife with new court orders that followed a hearing we had at the end of October with Judge Sanders in Mesa. The new orders end the 50/50 parenting time that we previously had and place my two boys, Aric (6) and Jakob (4) solely in her care with me paying $600 in child support and possibly up to the same amount in daycare. This was due to two things:
My choice to be a comic book artist and my choice to move in with my long term girlfriend.

This ruling denied me the opportunity to keep my children out of daycare and keep them in my care which my career would allow. I am being given only the options of 1) giving up my dream and returning to a field of work where I was miserable while never seeing my kids OR 2) move out from the home I made with the woman I love.

Should I be punished for entrepreneurship in the art field, establishing a family and future with an amazing woman, and wanting my boys with me instead of in an expensive and unnecessary daycare?

Please share this if you can. The expenses have been exorbitant and Iím searching all avenues to pay for legal fees and try to get them back. Any support and awareness that can be raised is appreciated.

StevenWilcox Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
That is just awful, Alfred. So a judge would rather you go back to a career where you had NO TIME for your kids than one where you could totally rearrange your schedule to maximize your time with them?

So sorry you're going through this.
Kitdog01 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
I shared this on Facebook when Mike DeBalfo posted it, this just sucks azz I am so sorry some judges need to be thrown out into the real world and see how the rest of us live. My best wishes and hope.
doomsmith Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
What you need is a good lawyer to fight for you and your right as a parent to be with your kids. I'd go nuts if I was ever separated from my son. As much as they need their mother a father is needed just the same.

Get on that lawyer thing ASAP.

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